How to Become a Java Developer: Top Skills You Need to Master

If you are passionate about technology and interested in building a career as Java Developer, look no further. In this blog post, we’ll give you a full Java Developer job description and everything you need to know to become an expert Java professional. This is also a part of the prescribed skills for a Java full stack developer. It is an adjective for the process used to create, design, and implement a cloud-based computer program. These programs could often be websites that have route maps for users/developers to design or develop programs for businesses or companies. Web architecture will use and include every component of an application that is needed by web developers to create applications aimed at enhancing user experience.

What should a Senior Java developer know

Based in Dublin, she has been a writer and editor across print and digital platforms for over 15 years. See a full list of requirements and further details on this job now. As the amount of data that we produce continues to grow exponentially, businesses are increasingly relying on Big Data technologies. As a Java developer, it’s essential to work effectively in an Agile work environment, whether via Scrum, Kanban, or another Agile approach. Java versions frequently change, so Java developers need to stay up to date with the latest versions and releases.

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TDD’s test-code-test-refactor cycle works fast and really well in Java. Maven not only solved the problem of dependency management but also provides a standard structure to Java projects, which considerably shortens the learning curve for a new developer. It takes away the pain of JDBC to interact with persistent technology like Relational databases and allows you to focus on building application logic using Objects.

What should a Senior Java developer know

Developers then incrementally improve, refactor, and add code while checking for test failures and edge cases along the way. Advanced Java concepts like concurrency, network programming, distributed computing, and data storage are essential for developing highly scalable software that can meet the needs of businesses and organizations. Whether you’re developing for mobile devices, desktop computers, or the web, knowing JavaFX is a Java skill that will ensure your applications are engaging, intuitive, and user-friendly.


It allows the addition of metadata to the changes, which facilitates team members in pinpointing the changes introduced in the code, why it was made, and when and who made it. This simplifies the code review process, saving a lot of time in locating errors. So, handling, managing, and updating a large codebase becomes very easy with the help of Git, a version control system.

This object-oriented programming language lets the code be reused that automatically lowers the development cost. Java is specially used for android apps, web and application servers, games, database connections, etc. This programming language is closely related to C++ making it easier for the users to switch between the two. Coursera provides access to more than 1,700 Java classes taught by industry experts and faculty from the world’s leading institutions and businesses. You can educate yourself on various subjects, including data science, programming languages, and more.

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An isolated niche, akin to virtual machines, is created by the JVM on the host machine. This space can be used to carry out Java programs regardless of the platform or operating system of the host machine. The design of the software is about considerations of user inputs, external interface stimuli, or interactions with elements of the computing environment. Software design will take into its ambit the response to commands and requests of the client. It is a process by which user requirements are given a form to guide the developer/programmer in coding and implementation. Version Control Systems are needed to keep track of and manage changes that are being made in the source code.

Every Java developer needs to have the skill of creating, deploying, and managing code efficiently. It is better to consider conducting a live technical test as it will better assist you in determining their capabilities. Another important thing that you should look into with your Java developer is the ability to fit into your company’s culture. Sometimes, remote developers fit in naturally while in–office teams struggle to make basic communication work. Don’t let the mode of work hinder you from putting together a good distributed team.

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To be successful in Java development, one must keep up with the language’s constant evolution. Because Java developers have such a wide range of skills, companies can benefit from increased adaptability in the projects they undertake and other workload they take on. Most employers want Java developers with projects under their belts. That means you need hands-on experience to build a portfolio and get a job. However, many employers value bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well.

What should a Senior Java developer know

As you will need to design and build projects from the ground up, you must know how to construct a project’s architecture to be logical, consistent, and extendable long-term. Ideally, you should also familiarize yourself with Oracle 12c, Microsoft SQL, and MySQL database systems. As you will need to test your code before deployment, you will need to learn how to perform functionality testing, static code testing, unit testing, and single-user performance testing. As Java developers are highly skilled and perform diverse responsibilities, becoming a Java developer can earn a good salary. According to, the average Java developer salary in the United States is $96,297 annually.

These tests can be integrated with IDEs and tools like Eclipse, Ant, and Maven. Ultimately, you will deploy and maintain functional, secure and high-quality applications. If you like this Java skill article, then please share it with your friends and colleagues.

  • Linux (Unix-based) operating systems and Windows Server environments are the primary platforms on which many applications run.
  • It is better to consider conducting a live technical test as it will better assist you in determining their capabilities.
  • If you need more choices, then you can also check this list of top Spring boot courses for Java developers to learn in 2023.
  • Advanced Java includes database connectivity, servlets, and Jakarta Server Pages.
  • Throughout your time as a developer, you will continuously develop code in Java.
  • It is clear how these fundamental characteristics contributed to Java’s rise to prominence as a language of choice, one that is today used in every industry and application layer possible.
  • This is also a part of the prescribed skills for a Java full stack developer.

It’s a search engine based on the Lucene library and allows you to reliably search, analyze, and visualize your data. Elasticsearch is often used together with Kibana, Beats, and Logstash, which form the Elastic Stack. You just cannot survive without knowing those git commands and understanding key git concepts like push, pull, merge, branch, commit, and rebase. If you are new to Git or want to improve your understanding, I suggest you go through this list of best git courses on Udemy.